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Sanat Plast

Polymeric sheet manufacturer

Sanat Plast Co. is the largest producer of flat, corrugated, double-walled, and triangular triple-walled, acrylic, and GPPS polycarbonate sheets in various forms, including ice, galosh, tree-design, and ABS, with a choice of colors and thicknesses. The plant was established in the Bushehr Special Economic Zone in a 20000 m2 lot in 2003. Having access to modern, EU-standards-compatible production equipment and drawing help from seasoned specialists, the company transformed into the largest producer of polymeric sheets in the Middle East with an annual capacity of 28000 tons. The company manufactures several high-quality products that can compete with similar European products.

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  • Acrylic sheet
    Acrylic sheet
  • Patterned polycarbonate
    Patterned polycarbonate
  • ABS sheet
    ABS sheet
  • Corrugated  V76
    Corrugated V76
  • Corrugated  V250k
    Corrugated V250k
  • Large-pitch pottery-design polycarbonate
    Large-pitch pottery-design polycarbonate
  • Crystal Sheet
    Crystal Sheet
  • Small-pitch pottery-design polycarbonate
    Small-pitch pottery-design polycarbonate
  • Corrugated  V250m
    Corrugated V250m
  • Corrugated  V240
    Corrugated V240
  • Polycarbonate roll
    Polycarbonate roll
  • Corrugated  V145
    Corrugated V145
  • Corrugated  V160
    Corrugated V160
  • Corrugated  V252
    Corrugated V252
  • Triple-walled polycarbonate
    Triple-walled polycarbonate
  • Corrugated  V333p
    Corrugated V333p
  • Double-walled polycarbonate
    Double-walled polycarbonate
  • Corrugated  V333
    Corrugated V333
  • Corrugated  V333k
    Corrugated V333k
  • Corrugated  C76
    Corrugated C76
  • Triangular triple-walled polycarbonate
    Triangular triple-walled polycarbonate
  • Corrugated V252
    Corrugated V252
  • Flat polycarbonate
    Flat polycarbonate

We are committed to elevating our national products to the highest level of quality and quantity. By offering our youth opportunities, Sanat PlastJ paves the way for their flourishing in the modern polymer industry.
In this regard, we use modern production equipment and domestic specialists to manufacture different types of polymeric sheets (polycarbonate, acrylic, crystal, etc.). On the long horizon, we aspire to reach global markets with our products bearing the sacred name of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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We are committed to elevating our national products to the highest level of quality and quantity.


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Sanat Plast is the largest producer of polycarbonate sheets in Iran.

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